Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SEA GLASS by:  Anita Shreve    This 2002 book by Anita Shreve is available at the Genoa Branch Library.
After reading "The Pilot's Wife" by Anita Shreve, I wanted to try another one of her books so I picked up "Sea Glass."  I enjoyed this book although it was not as "addictive" as "The Pilot's Wife."  We had learned in book group that the house described in "The Pilot's Wife" has appeared in 4 other books by Anita Shreve.  This is one of the books that uses that same house but there any comparison stops.  This books has 5 main characters.  At first they seem to have nothing in common other than they live in the same town but eventually their lives become intertwined.  One of the characters, Honora lived in the house on the beach and each morning she scours the beach for sea glass.  She likes to imagine where the glass traveled from, who owned it, and what it was.  The pieces of sea glass are like the characters in the booky.  Each has a different story and gradually Honora finds out the history behind each of them.  This was a pleasant read. 
Reviewed by:  Mimi Fintel, Branch Manager - Genoa Branch Library.

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