Wednesday, October 22, 2014


EPILOGUE by Will Boast
What if by age 24 you had lost your mother, father and only sibling?  What if you then also discovered that your father had been married before he married your mother and that you had two half brothers?  And what if you came upon this information after going through your father's papers after his death?  This is exactly what happened to Will Boast.  After losing his whole family it was consoling to know he had two half brothers but awkward to meet the brothers and have to reveal that his father had never mentioned them.  It was as if they had no longer existed for their father.  Will had many unanswered questions he would have liked to ask his mother and father surrounding this secrecy. He also experienced a whole different feeling about his youth.  This revealing book shows the courage and strength Will had in coming to terms with his changing reality.  I thoroughly enjoyed this well written memoir.
Reviewed by Mimi @ Genoa Branch Library


Monday, October 20, 2014


INTO THE WILD, the movie

After reading the book, Into the Wild, I decided to watch the movie.  I must admit I like the book more than the movie.  In the movie, it was interesting to see the scenery and the bus but the movie was just sort of slow moving and rather depressing.  The movie just wasn't as detailed as the book and I felt like I had a better idea of what was driving young Chris than I did from the movie.  The actors and actresses did a good job and it was interesting to see a young Kristen Stewart before her Twilight fame.
Reviewed by Mimi @ Genoa Branch Library

Friday, October 17, 2014


INTO THE WILD by:  Jon Krakauer
This book was written in 1996 but I just picked it up.  What a good book.  This is a story with a tragic ending yet the book is still inspiring.  Young Chris McCandless was a man who marched to the beat of a different drummer but seemed to be living his dream.  He eschewed a traditional life.  He wanted to live by his own rules and live a totally self sufficient life.  This is a haunting tale of travel, adventure, and a young life ended to soon.
Reviewed by Mimi @ Genoa Branch Library

Monday, October 13, 2014



Amy Jo Burns grew up in Mercury, PA where girls were taught to be good girls and quiet girls. So when Amy was 10 and the local piano teacher, who was also a sixth grade teacher, was accused of fondling his young piano students, Amy stayed quiet.  Seven girls made accusations against Mr. Lotte but Amy and a myriad of other girls stayed quiet.  They had learned not to make trouble.  The seven girls who came forward were prosecuted by the town's citizens.  People branded them as liars and troublemakers.  Mr. Lotte was eventually tried and received a one year jail sentence.  Several of the families with girls who had accused Mr. Lotte moved away.  No one ever spoke about the incident again.  Amy and the other girls kept their secrets and buried it away in their hearts.  This memoir is about the town, the people and what happens when something sinister tries to rend the town apart.  Amy Jo Burns is a wonderful writer and tells her story in a beautiful and honest voice.
Reviewed by Mimi @ Genoa Branch Library

Thursday, October 9, 2014



Mr. Hirsch packs his son nutritious, delicious, and out of the ordinary lunches!  He started blogging about the lunches after a friend suggested it.  And then, Rachel Ray, offered to turn his blog into a book!  These lunches are sophisticated enough for an adult.  If you or your children are in a "packed lunch funk"  this book is for you!  The pictures in this book are phenomenal!  Mr. Hirsch used such novel containers for the lunches.  He also included beverages in a lot of the photos, which were all nutritious but rather out of the ordinary.  Also included in this book are 30 dinner recipes so that you would have left overs on hand to make the lunch time treats!  This is a great book!
Reviewed by Mimi @ Genoa Branch Library

Wednesday, October 8, 2014



This book, written in 1943, is an oldie but a goodie.  I had always heard of it and finally decided to read it.  This book is an eyewitness account of the 1942 Dolittle Raid over Tokyo.  Sixteen B-25's bombed industrial targets in Japan at close range.  The mission was a success and Captain Lawson's plane bombed its assigned targets in just 30 seconds.  However, because of bad weather, the plane ran short on fuel and ended up crashing in China.  Luckily Lawson and his men were rescued by the Chinese.  Most of the men were very badly injured.  Lawson lost all of his teeth and eventually his leg as well.  It took them many months to finally get back home to the United States.  Lawson had married right before he began training for this top secret mission and worried that his wife would be disgusted by his disfigurement from the crash.  Lawson thought wrong though, and his wife and her family welcomed him back with open arms.  I found this book to be very interesting.  It seems I only hear about Hitler and Germany with regards to WWII.  It was interesting to read this book describing this campaign which was a direct retaliation for the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Japanese. 
Reviewed by Mimi @ Genoa Branch Library

Friday, September 26, 2014

2 A.M. at the Cat's Pajamas

"2 A.M. at the Cat's Pajamas" is Marie-Helene Bertino's first novel. The lives of the three main characters intersect at legendary Philadelphia jazz club, the Cat's Pajamas, on Christmas Eve Eve.   Madeleine is a cigarette-smoking, foul-mouthed 9 year old who is raising herself since her widowed father spends his days in his room listening to jazz recordings.  Fortunately, there are members of the community who help Madeleine, including her art teacher, Sarina, who has just moved back to Philadelphia after a divorce.  Madeleine's wish is to sing on stage at the Cat's Pajamas, and as the chapters move through the hours toward 2 a.m., Sarina meets up with her high school crush, and the owner of the Cat's Pajamas, Lorca,  deals with problems (not necessarily well) in his personal and professional lives.  The writing is creative, with lots of imaginative wordplay, and there are a number of interesting characters.  Even though Madeleine is not exactly a likeable character, the suspense builds as the hours count down to 2 a.m.  Lorca has some legal issues and Sarina and her crush, Ben, do not leave the Cat's Pajamas together, but one has the impression that 2 a.m. at the Cat's Pajamas was a pivotal moment in their lives, as well as in Madeleine's life. Reviewed by Amy at the Harris-Elmore Public Library.